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Le soleil brille

Le soleil brille, la mere est calme et plat, c’est un jour claire et brillant Dans le ciel des nuages flottaient comme des cheveaux en courant.
Les bateaux de peche ascende et descende gentillement
Des cries entendus des oiseax, les fleurs qui fleurissent,
Les ballades, insensibles des insectes chantaient
Et moi, humaine, inondee par des pensees.

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In a puddle of bedraggled fag ends

In a puddle of bedraggled fag ends, locked in the loo
Restructured, renovated and riven, mill pond pedestal
Wicker basket poured scorn, Indian techno nonsensical objectives and adjectives
Overuled bypass culture designated refract zone, sniffs Columbus’s ass
Jumped the gun, was working when should have been having fun,

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Hitching to Dundee on a Friday, I couldn’t get up
I read for a while then set off from the previous night’s party
Bright sunny day I was grabbed by the idea to travel, to seek freedom
Collected my bicycle, said goodbye to my friend

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Poem four

Meeting on the banks of the Nile

You could see people going past on benches

We moved, and rolled the lawn for them,

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Sad Song.

As I go on my round of late I see bodies, with shambling gait I wonder, do they suffer the cramp Or rooves that leak and houses damp? Of perhaps suffer some other malaise A stare that is blank and eyes that gaze So curious to...

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The sky hung in coloured threads Music wiped away our dread Our senses are drawn out Into another world, no doubt Spiralling through the forest This dance we love the best Makes contact, brushed aside, and Ping! Gently wipes...

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Last Living Rose

Last Living Rose


Green Knight

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