In a puddle of bedraggled fag ends, locked in the loo
Restructured, renovated and riven, mill pond pedestal
Wicker basket poured scorn, Indian techno nonsensical objectives and adjectives
Overuled bypass culture designated refract zone, sniffs Columbus’s ass
Jumped the gun, was working when should have been having fun,
Chewing on smoke stacks in the blink of a puff-ball, sold and bought for naught
Flight paper soiled on wooden embassy, serious come-down for pope project
Criss-cross sky line dialectic collision collective indecision, whattled the gangway
Sold up the river for a nastier type, drug lurking there in the over-growth
Suburban melodrama dinner, no feasting or besting in gardens of sand
Blank, termed from beneath, water’s edge of shifting relished disassociation
Assessed monologous re-entry into fine fire-trolls caves, playing melancholic
Media mis-appropriation! Rebounding karma made tele-spin shudder
A look forwards-back time flux diary headscrewed propeller snarled
Look away! Look away! That was today’s weather man, oh bog,
Descentenced, detumesced, bringing the brightness home to roost
Clarified the situation put in all proportion, portioned out benefits and woes.
Scan screen mirror scene shifters diamond scam dynamite drifter, blues shoes with no soles
Disingenuous indigenous transcendental scribe, image resplendent
O’er spun this story stock of catch brazes, illustrious worth of treasures unearthed
Spent cheap trash on drugs no meaning no life no any thing just a tale as long and thick
As a nuclear submarine, captured love locked on rise from body toes upwards
Whilst messages of peace vibrate through the earth.
Oh wandering minstrel, cradled babe in arms softly sung crooning to carry from danger
Wicked prostitute wily in charm, vain self-indulgence of smell cast spell
Dreaming machinery of life infinity underwrought by overspun documents
Indiscreet and valedictorious, timerous psyched out wretching flower spun death beds
Necrotising BSE scratch paedophile AIDS junkie
Filthy prowess of misassociate pals and gals.
When man first colonised space, the huge gantries were lowered into space
Genetically engineered polymorphs able to change appearance and shape
Inhabited these rigs and rode the solar surf, on waves of outpouring energy
Every corner of the Galaxie illumined, stars and constellations mirrored
In the sparse drubbed-up dappled reflecting solar light thru Dymaxion design
Polymorphs, gibbeous prodigiously clever, weightless gushing in paratrophe
Disaligned skills overlapping in Boolean techtronics, parallax feedback,
Intra-xenotic transference, carotid artery rephase engineering
Survive in space feeding on solax, interstellar span aping radionics
Eyes aglow, star-spun and headlocked.
Or relaxing in zero-G ion-tub, anti-matter particle shower
Minds melding in confusion of ecstasy
Critics contemporaneously clamouring for holomorphs, orbiting in distant
And nameless cosmos, no mere colony of monkey
Transcriptions of alien alphabets long returned,
Metemphsychotic mind sculptures left littering in space-operas
Higher levels; of organisation intellectually on a par
Four and five dimensional arrays, took observers forward or backward in time,
Sometimes fusing within parallel realisimalcra
Temples to Unrealised Time, recyclings from everyday earthlifetimes
Cleaned and reprocessed then let on the market, waste jettisoned into space
Degenerating orbitally into plasma vapour
Arthropods, known as Xaxes, ate only space food and acclimatised slowly
To zero-G processing. Sterile but for cloning machines, but in super clean
Space they could live up to a hundred years in our time.
These creatures born backwards and forwards upon streams of quarks and neutrinos,
Lobbed by temporal lobes from internal alpha-decay,
Could they patent real life? This is the question; what higher aims
Of mankind were they fulfilling? With human genes did they have human rights?
Four outcomes were considered, rights of negotiation with institutions
Whilst in space the right to elect their own legislature;
Co-exist and cohabit with earthlings or any other Species, as they chose.
In free-fall they have abandoned to all, but the bottom line, was too sublime.

Copyright © Christopher J Hudson 2000