Meeting on the banks of the Nile

You could see people going past on benches

We moved, and rolled the lawn for them,

Prancing past on air-cast roller-skates

Under the watchful eyes of each-others

Fathers. It was love on the lawn, love at

Second sight. “The rifle’s fired now, so we’ve

“Gone to the other side. All this too-ing and fro-ing!”

Our manners were exceptional as we professed each other

Bottles of pop. Peacocks would stroll across

In front of us as we sat sedately, legs

Crossed, the sparkling liqour would fathom out

Each other’s stares. A million miles

In blue juices glasses.

The gardeners’ work frantically pursues

Both night and day, to prepare

Gardens for us. But that’s another story

For another day.

(C) 2009 Chris Hudson