“Your eyes are as vapid as the glass eyes
Of your stuffed fox”

~ YEKUM !!
~ WOOL !!

Elegant alabaster statuette, stone cold
Must have eaten the smeared berry, destroyer
Writ with time’s bonds, seneschal
Sealed by silver plaster stamp
Where tramps trod or wept in secret groves
Now freed the dome of Sir William’s scourge
The cup and the shield to win Christ’s ashes
The sweet panacea to carry off all ills
Trip-wires to make your heart bleed
From the vat to the settle, a hogshead
Makes you live longer, image with a,
The pawn-shop awaits those who sped
Betwixt cormorant, magpie, capercaillie
Ptarmigan, donned and dressed-up in natures glory
The scoffers and the stuffers, mischief-makers
Those with idle menace, poltroons and dilly-dandlers,
Key-picks and lock-smiths, to peer through, fancy
Switching gear and heavy ostentation
To re-animate from Ahkenaton’s tomb
A lever the length of seven atmospheres
In soupy seas of seasons change
And mud-pools and lava-pits of cerebral transmutation
Thought-messages from cosmic molecules, aeons old
Eureka’s universal call to be out
The binding and unwinding of universal time
Fifteen fathom spikenards to lap the wave
And all festooned with shells and jelly-crust
Swooning through atmospheres of shank
The rustling valence of my beard like a whetstone,
Only encourages to the spitted leaf from squirrel’s warrens
Was out a squid with florid steamers
Is but a false scorpion, to be aggrieved, petulance,
The figurine trancing with the tambourine

Shouting over the house radar
Vermillion armour sinuously glistening
Dawn treader ambling in the dune-scape
Quite a charger, and drawn from sap
Soul-seeker, adherents to the jadbletter
To whack on drop shot through the bars of Istanbul
Marching through deserts of abandoned nomenclature
Sensibilities in ardour of clarity
Instant grumble smiths of probabilities out-fall
Spiralling to ground Scotland, Ireland and Wales’ proud hills
The fine flesh, out of generations of toil
Fine rivers where sheep, tadpoles and salmon breed
The white stag and the exam rooms of fire
Spear-sharp wit and the avatars enablement
Precision before the awesome Lady of the Lake
The fluidity of wisdom’s weaponry
Whose ever turning tracks, minute knowledge
Into the tiniest bits, just as Beethoven’s music
Bridge the gap between sublime and prosaic
The wheat-grain, humankind’s phenomenal pharmacon
Forests where bears prowl, unharmonious humanity
Soaking maps, nothings, child, envys bridle
The logos of Catullus’ fandangos
To the seven dimensions across the
Four-score hand-breadth of eternity’s lotus
To distillessence of soul in the parting of soul’s essence
All the old souls, typing history’s lessons
The prolix demos who sat by gasping
Passers-by passing by, another T.V. death
Old jokes from the shake-up vision revamp
No shadows move the perspective of beautiful forms
The lovers’ lane no highway to nowhere
Sobriety, fecundity, ingenuousness no gamblers prey
The grinding rune no tinkling melody
Grip-cord and sash the speaker’s ally
They raise ghastly spectacle from foison
Some take to the staid Aunt Sally
No bright lights for Jimmy-Go-Easy
Ah for a rhyme to spin fire from Alexandria’s doorway
Lying in satin-curtained boudoir, pouting
A Bloody-Mary for Darren the tank driver
A condom for “Pope Lucian”, Three Cheers !!
For Jason’s fleet, no luck for Iceland’s whore
Jews and Japanese, expensive frothy-coffee
To make of the animal lust a painted figurine
With all the panoply of variegated mores and
FemiX culture for such high-towering peaks
See your animus, would bond freely jig of easy egos
That shrew must be tamed, or the dragon ridden
Don the surgeon’s gown to excise human desire
Walk, don’t walk, think, don’t think, wear a pot
Give no quarter to thoughts of oppression or spite
Milestone, cornerstone and crux
No man of the armchair, this.
Empedocles could see a waning moon
From his high ivory tower
No claymore to wave over passenger heads
Four thousand “Huzzars!” before the cock’s crow
With Croesus and the Tartars made my brook
From a pilgrim’s year-book to track happenstance
Sweet larvae “Injun’s” food, fought tooth and nail
For self-determination, the sacred rites of passage
That dressed up in feathered head dress, ducking
Very much chief explorer, white-man-sahib
The bright spectrum as a rain dance versus the sun
No shaven, veiled monk to speculate on the ruin
To measure the moon’s circumference by inference
Viking herring-boats howling their skinny ribs on the shore line
White maypole of the extravagance of youth’s fervour
Hordes of grandees sucking at whisky-bottle nipples
In cattle shell tripods, paced in chicken clover
With love for daisy, rosy and poppy
The rough Scythian hordes in embuscade
Into the affray with blades whirling
The rastas with their totemic magic
Tore veils of ignorance with wild banshee wails
I am for imitation in this artificial love
Sacking of gown in the great underfloor stove
The seam of the priest’s hemp robe
down blues-jazz fashion, frisson on belt bet
Lady Godiva’s armchair pinioned on a scaffold rig
Petal daffodils and sunflowers to touch thee
Vital matters sweet swan song, true “salope”
Was no ethnic refugee, fritter my wig
Or sensed the scared rites of spring
To kiss the hand that beats, ye ken?
No dance of death by leprous whores, blast with parasites
Has not the wit to tie his own cerebral shoelace
Nor knowest what the year, date nor even century
But saps his strength with vain love strivings
Fells the black beast with ligature of cow-gut
Leaves astral song-like deserted and anonymous
Could not chop a league at fell paces by seismology
Whereas by day has spanking new boxer-shorts
And retires to shed, wan and complacent
Never has seen the like of man the impersonator
I’ the flesh to ensnare the content hearts contempt
Enamoured, e’en so, with the frilly fishnets
Of a wonton’s familiar, brimful o’ the posset
Was a form of soft machines bought on by th’apothecary
No hind-marquetry to plot the gales flight
N’er hast seen courtly play nor dunes of Dewa
Was firstest into the water, lastest i’the bed
Swore by the tailors cudgel she’d sire h/er/im lady/lord
No knight clad in glad-mail, to woo fro’ duck feathered
No bladder wrought purple faced pumpkin bellied feller
To eschew the favourite in her lust-warble
Who uses the fire-lung when one short word will do!
And stole a king’s ransom as dowry from out cellar
Too many bunnies, not enough mittens
And there’s hell to pay when the china’s all over

Badger, fox and magpie, close scent to the turf
See the sacred cycle of birth, life and re-birth
Nature’s twiggy fingers, no hoarswill
Or spitted on a steak, guts writhin
Down dank lanes and dark alleys, latent power growing
Whilst we dumb humans, salaried and collar-scrubbing
Packs of us, fumbling the deeds, coughing up the words
Denizens of all that is dark and deep, don’t hear
The earth’s murmur or the holy words he speaks
Content with false fineries, leave our jewels untouched!
Stencilling a life-path which could be woven in gilt
All her children exiled by foul exhaust breaths
Her animals corrupt and tamed, or exhibits of mirth
Greed in the tinker’s eye, to pawn the forest’s spirit
Developers who still waddle beneath firey sky-scapes

The straits, or the panama, where gutters stuffed
With fell bodies of youth slain, hordes to come
Avenge the tailor’s thread, to spawn disaster, Oh Venus
Or did your mother shut it in a desk when you were a baby?
To make of the initiation a farce, clopped some pony!
You muscled every nuance of language aside with your
Sawn-off ego, the old man flogging the goose to keep up!!
Lines of light which bred delight were not yours
To keep, nor incept your destiny on a plagiarised steeple
Your ranks of poltroons and flunkies did not fancy
Nor the leper of the five bar gate, backsped and unflung
“Tis a pity your dog’s not bred better, Sire”, with one hand
Flung skyward to deflect the pawing angels, or did
You drag some wench from her beer-gloating buffle
To taste the dregs of Pan’s cup of plenty, then bribe
Some wealthy Pelagian to the House of Reason
For a finely balanced debate, no stinking ink, Alfred
‘Twas but bolster, the epitome of times trumpets
Whilst outside your police protection werewolves prey
In nightly façade to poison your festooned sun-sigil
Things of no name, drawn from dells and veiled darkness
To peck at like cormorants and grind gristle and bones
That dreams of the light-world and gnaws at the mirrored pool
Envys all plenty, spiteful and lusty, imagines it has sense
All donned up under civilisations veneer
Kisses “the drug” and shunts all into horseplay
Profane and unwitty, grasping and profuse
Says, it just fell off the back of a lorry,
To saunter into life’s dialectical dynamic,
And play like an expert, always on top,
With eyes like glowing coals glowering inbetwixt melodies
Of drum’s beat and common’s thud, cat’o’seventeens
Returned by Erigeneius to contend the anvils strike
Every piece of bloody antique furniture, trammelled
Lines of ancient descent, every lemon-trumping lackey
Prostate before slavering demagogues, stolen thunder
Like a hovering tsetse-fly, to dance the Dardinels
Switchback of consciousness, contumnacity of statistics
Branded by the lacklustre gable of some obscure house, (on’s backside!)
The nurse has come, the surgeon’s armed, to whisper sweet oblivion
Orisons! Raise oblations! Pour libations! Live lifeblood penny’stance
Sprite, arise! No floaters in the entrance hall, are ye not shod?
Was a serious spurious introvert exhibitionist,
Entymologically enthymythical, moulded vocabular template
A chorus of sibilant harpies, hyenas sporting petticoatails
Old oak, you stand malificariously on my barking spirit-board
No letter of spondaic stymied with rudder-coats
When the tortoise, light, beats the hare, sound
A question of ergonomics, closely-packing spheres, body dynamic
Was not so just, enmeshed in husky sled-leads
To make fake ermine of my lucky paw’s rabbit
Ishmaelites and Essenes, Athena of Zeus’ paradox
No cuckoos, we were shot for jackdaws and magpies
Whose finely fretted plumage jetted about the foliage
Those bulberry trees amongst Cyprus and chamomile
Whilst the stevedors stab with garnished bouquets
With flirting eyes that’s shine as electric eels in the dark
Love handles and fatless herculean Achilles
Gaily caparisoned in merry April’s gaily bedecked sails
With the scent of amaranthus and lavender
Spouting runes that are engraven on the galaxy’s soul
And the Madonna in her gypsy crest, and rubies
Manroots scream as harsh calloused hands
Yank their ears like economic throughput
And clematis and mistletoe grabbed by kelp
Which, purging of all colours, her realm in perpetuity
The solemn aspirants song, sensation!!
And the tribal wars scorch the clouds
With Apollo’s brazen wand, no shaman’s crane sack
An old soak, brother’s a rake sponges off son,
Withering sinews drag flesh and muscle across bone
From shore to shore migratory patterns, bats and moles
Whose cronies are jerrymaundered hierophants
The malignant melodramas maleficent as “Angelus” also
A convenient Pegasus scourge of the Southern Oceans
Throng was blessed by the sacred celebrant,
Space dorgas, carafes of flaired farouche
Peering out from underneath his 1812 cavalry hat
A sout’er, who wore a noose, for a necktie
The symbolic pendant of the “condition-mathematician”
Is not “gracias”, fandango, waltz, mambo
Steeled by their unpronounceable ancestry
Subdued by the clowns, stilts, a willow abutted
The white floating residue, agapanthus blade
Whose notion of the sacred is dogmatised moonshine
The yawning ardour of the mushroom printshop
Laws of survival, laws of dominance, laws of economics
Slippery snakes sensuous sliding, no jungles
In our precision-engineered Eden, remnant of
Papal hypocrisy, no confession amongst soul-mates
The rose’s name and the daisy’s plunder
Straight as plumb lines, graded, enumerated and catalogued
McBee, Burke and Smitty, inflate yourselves
This hill-troll and giant, belly afire with cold ire
Such a parlous ruin for this oligophant’s bedsire
Was a partial litigant and licentious purger
Much howlier were the woodland wolverines
A dropping plumed sombrero shotgun slung billhook
Who but I sets the head aflame with fire?
With Joshua, Eucalyptus and Creosote, was Plumbago
To shove the gaily caparisoned hencock
Pistol and bronze fistula, lesions of overbuckled
Candida, proffered fruits of cornucopia, a panacea
Discard’s bonds by mystic weeds, lick-spittle scholar
Bodily transcended from this bunting was a straight-jacket
A parson’s mead, with frumpery and cannonfire
A bivariate catacomb, then why the scavengers?
The eloquent oratory of the soothsayer’s impedimenta
No warden of chaingang, ging’an’dobbler
No apostrifle godwoot, a binary animaculactor
Very thoughts spun in miles of ectoplasmic endeavour
Can be no interconnective temporal span, harp-like
A quizzling, a changeling whose soul was spread
Book-like across the gates of furze and broom
I will bloat your every limb, sir, until you feel
Even your blood will seem like lead, too heavy to heave
Spiritual consumers, “With this gormandise I buy thee,”
Mind of a repetitious fish-fly-crustacea, celibity
Sobriety, celestiality, long string of bean-beads
Whose laughing lance pops philanthropic grace
Space age architecture and the pill-meat
Two pass contaminate Styx, an “ecology” plastic letterbox mouth
Sweet cherubs of the mushroom cloud, pasty-face!!
The old educationalist, spawned forth from a reedbank
Rooting, sniffling, snuffle-nosed seeking, the omniscient pariah
The young branch crossed and bound to meld
The venous tube of paroxysmal, Agamemnon and Achilles
Fulminating lifecycles of the deep sea putrefaction
“Organosis”, the stale breath of the parson
Four-thousand seven-hundred B.C., the jelly-wobble era
The prickly paw-paw of the yam-jam
The rigid flowing perplex geomancy in rhythmic riot
The Dee-Jay controller in pyramidal freak -spasm
However the music of the spheres in thought-transference clock
A thought behaviour trance-induction energy emission
With belladonna and phosphorous, miramatic prismatic
To scald and purge like horse’s galloping, sharp stick
Teepee and rouble, Atilla and the Vandals, nun’s attire
The Hermeneutic analysis, of crab apple and lion-rose
My music! My music! The air has spliced the spice gun
And llamas, lemmings and cockatoos, ‘tis the
Flora and fauna of the desert, derived in neoplasm
Bony engine-rocks of limbic dysymmetry, paleolithic
Origins of exo-skeletons and the fish which flew
Only part of a planet in black and white with cinnamon
Vesicular vessel, vasculation of protuberant palsy
Earth appropriated, sun married, cosmic distances
Which bury the soul in ashes, two gently glowing lamps
Like her opalescent eyes, pretty goose, the gambling ham
And the gorpal swanney, green green drops,
A neural preaclasm changin’ stocks check up
Your record book, mirror to the ages, of hexachloromethane
Folks jabber and slap the “dominant speciosa”
Coax the blabbing jabber into port, set free crows!
Manta ray rolled oat, lavatera and lavender
Sir Francis, opus of the witchery to endower us
With the particulates of our tenacious technology
Cannot be seen except by a naked man on a diadem
Playing ululations to the soft blossoming moon
Brains like a bloated prawn, too elongated, a shorear,
Plaintiff mewling of peggy, peggy, some parchment monster
Use it up, use it up, space category “store”, cerebrus,
Cherry-red of the synaps box, gamble on craps
The oleanders, palliative not cornucopia, strayed
From his little bungee around, patina of triumphal jackdaws
Stays creaking, sinews cracking, O Leanardo, and Michaelangelo
Marsupials and mammals, balsawood rice papered, sandalwood
Then, ah, Basileus! He greets me with snivelling whine
A soup mix, aggregate units, somnambulant suniites
Penitentiary drag-king, splendiferous in implosion, dentine
A swivelling excoriating lymphoma of the rad-scape
This panel, obviating the necessity for dechryptation
Nonetheless, moreover, besides the point, sucky bird


Does this psionic syzygy titillate your auricular orifice?


No spastic-footed “Adeaodatus” in crimplene, neoprene,
Nylon, chiffon and silk, colluding conclusions of bathos
By Mandrake and Misteltoe, oh Llew Llaw Yffes !!!
One-eyed cyclops plays a banjo in Milwaukee
A treasure trove – but where is your ashplant?
Did you trade it for fool’s gold, the egg ziggurat
(A zeppelin hoves-to slowly up on far hills by the transmitter mast)
Some sort of celebrity, dragging hi’self up a glacier by two thumbs
Was not a thought-dictator nor a product of the people factory
Kipping in’s blues box crock ambivalence
Seems like a stick, propping’s back up over semolina
Big speak, little speak, “the tail wags the dog”
Scylla and Charybdis, Gog and Magog, was a floppy
Dew-bespangled magician’s hat, no warplane
Sea-wolf or Leviathan, kingdom of heaven at button
A higher court of appeal, on strength of th’absurd
Be a lighthouse, don’t be a light, some wit within?
All bodies are made of stardust, vibrating cosmic vibration emanation;
They even let dogs into Buddhist temples, yapping disturbing
The mantric meditation, ultimate realisation, warm womb
Of resignation the womb-bones of the striated stratosphere
A pusher’s market, lacrimonial lacker-daisical bed pan
How many light years to Betelgeuse? Stars occupy minute
Would steal your latest cigarette for a quick dagger’s thrust
Be there, Jesu, Be there Bodhisattva, Be there Tao yes no
Strike on, the band! Thin lines of light, astral pathway
Brings soul to soul, not like the Chinese, who dance in destruction
Technocrat Jehoshaphat, in a spat with Hendrix, festooned with cowbells
The ever-rolling wheel of Karma, kegs and filibegs,
The ghost sprung from yarrow’s severed head, feverfew
Decrepit coughs even fro’ the nones, bulrushes birthing
Concomitant beast building another dragon-whacker
Can’t pay, won’t pay, in dungarees shoots a mean pool-ball
A crane bag half curses half blessings, from the banks
Of the Royal Canal, hydrophobic hobgoblin,
Chest burning with holy ire, prognostic, global stoop
O travellers of temporal flows, nomads of the tachyon
To be neither a borrower or a lender, horse doctor
Woodpecker, the ultra- whiplash spikenard and halberd
To feel the flowing of time particles, the spinning
Of the sewing-wheel, is no lizard, thalmus, so,
The only true monk lies drawn and quartered in soma
Protagonists and adversaries antimoniously jousting
Tell it to the press, some abstruse trajectory in bursts
No master of symbolic love, the obscure language
From Bucharest to Madagascar, isles of Lesbos
Antediluvian and Hyperborean, and the Man of
La Mancha, toe- hoeing in the hollow harrow loom
Philosopher’s stone for your anchor’s ballast
A glitch in the sytem, drock and drawl,
Who was a besum, millipede of the brain swarm
A talon for the galoot! Rachel! Sarah! Shalom!
Give us a whistle, don’t screw that bun down!
Conserve your energy, walk around with mirror-soled shoes
And wear clothing with plenty of triangles on them
Captain Nemo spread the ancient parchment, “Here,“ he said
The key to it is the rolling pobble people, spinning smurfs
Like an ancient Chinese ghost, lolloping along, bunchos too,
Me the werewolf to the gummy granny, cute in a doll’s house
In deep-sea caverns the magical molecules divide and combine
In a Bhodi tree, abundant blooms up over the verdant sway
Charlie Chaplin under a mosquito net pole vaults over a fence
Whilst over by the Styx the Four Horsemen gamble hoarsely
Over dissected remains of a purple grey green fox
In high vaulted mountain caves and cathedrals, dwarves
In grotesque parody of priapism, prognosis improbable
Wedge-faced in monkey cheek-crack, ajar in loopiness
Your second best bed, Marlowe, to me! John Dee! Rasputin!
By the deepest darkest shadows of the planet of the shades
Ubiquitous and overflowing by a broken star-space
Michaelangelo and da Vinci, in Camelotian cam-wrestle
Leaping through molecular gateways in synecdoche, tropes
Of logic spawn no lead an exactitude of spondees
Dropping o’er the glabberfast, spearpoint to
Slip-shiver shivered edge-croll hourglass of gnesci
This road is stymied from the path it’s going
This stone is weary of this stone’s throwing
A gilded panoply shards of chromosome, pulped
Aspen and quickbeam, the health of anodyne androgyne
Some boy racer with a magic talisman
Danced a faery’s dance in everglades of beauty
Shimmering in the dew-dawn of “crepuscule “
To the strumming of a mitred Shostakovich
Plateaux of plaza café strewn with cooing doves
Could magic herself, waitress, through inner space
The approbious depilated protean skean
Reconditely amended a mountebank
Whose declivity in rococo fashion in solecism
With asperity euphoniously in obloquy
A harridan immured in propitious osculation.

© Christopher J. Hudson 2016