I don’t understand why you’re always out when I’m in
My soul should be fat but instead it’s thin

Why must I leave messages behind your closed door?
You used to like me; am I now such a bore?

I hate this place
Where I’m a total disgrace
Where farcical degredation
Is become commonplace

Where is the promised land?
Now that I’ve bitten the hand
That fed me lies for years
Sweat and blood, pain and tears
Enraptured by the Muse that lulled me to sleep; and
Dreamed me awake
A cruel crop has been culled
From the feathery plant-like membranes
That receive and transmit emanations,
Emotions: power, greed, envy
Broadcast across every nation
Earth groans and sways under its heavy burden



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson (1996)