You may be all grown-up and free from guilt concerning sex
But I’m not, I’m caught in some God-damn 80s hex
Belonging to a long-forgotten age of superstition
Sneaking below the radar of parental supervision
Sermons by the priest at school about the threat of sex
How it corrupted morals and could also break your neck
But time was on our hands with enough exper’mentation,
We soon ‘approximated’ sex taking part in depredation
This was not the sex bragged about in men’s changing rooms
But LURVE (L-O-V-E) at the height of blossom’s bloom
We thought we were in love, that we alone invented sex
Although no fancy things we had nor diamond rings bedecked
The sky, the sea, the sun, were my gifts to you, my lover
In a love so free no jealousy there really was no other
But fools can’t live in paradise, too soon we all were gone
Teenage romance forgotten then, you know we all move on
We all grew up and then left home to University and travel
As those days and nights ‘neath starry sky started to unravel
You were in my arms my love, dancing cheek to cheek
As we lay together with our treasure future loves to seek
And for the shortest space of time I had from off my girl
White pouring of eternal light, centre of my world.



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson (2002)