In 1873
The German botanist Haeckel
Invented the word ‘Ecology’
A transparent term
To give us a grip
On our rapidly transmutating reality.
Tansley in 1935
Brought it back alive
This tamed beast, nature
In his worded code-form
These words now form the boundary
To the action which goes on
To preserve the earth from further rape
To keep man the most intelligent ape

Sensexpression- claentropic melodrama of neoplasmic sententious
crossnadine neanderfallic beashaurotunderstanding reappraisal of
contamsal crick heneith na-profo’ndeuf drumnadrochaleon screamed the
Scottish haggis hurler perched
Upon a trapeze artistry and dire reprisals for condemantory appraisal it
was a real eye opener, a riddle of facts and fiction, context dependant and
resplendant, a conformist dream of time without motion, an apoplectic fit
in a freeze frame time mind image storm recaptured contamnabulary
consensus crax na-manucosmic seismograph of resplendant initiatory
dawn tyre-tread and re-tread, re-heated and pre-heated, dire-chotomeg
chaoticision and re-appraisal of the gap gay ways of the whipsnaid
rocking horse tree-shoed melanchoterply intertwixed the striated dawn
down drawn and dying egg and pear shaped natural cruise to the
wandering wind downs of window screening melantropics re-trans
condemnation caramelised and crazed betwixt two

In days of yore
When Cap de la Hague was obscene
But not heard


Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson 1999