This is My Story

I have lived and worked in Guernsey for 50 years, in fact for 96% of my life!

I went to school in St Peter Port for 12 years of my life and these early formative years gave me a good impression of  the Parish.

I attended University in Scotland, obtaining an Honours degree in Philosophy.

I was a self-employed gardener for approximately 20 years.

I have worked in the finance industry since 2015.

I have lived in St Peter Port parish since 2017.

I was successfully elected to St Peter Port douzaine in July 2021.

I am passionate about Guernsey, and have done much volunteering and charity work over the years.

I am keen on the environment, and want to protect it from destruction.

I believe in a healthy balance of old and new.

I am keen on due process and have enjoyed participating in many discussions and debates over the past years, e.g. the Waste Debate.

I am an enthusiastic motorcyclist, and a bicycle rider.

I helped with the 2023 Island Games in a back office support role. I think the Games was a very good thing for the whole island. I was involved with some hands-on stewarding / marshalling at the cycling and shooting events, and also car park duty.

 I have attended many meetings, met with parish members to discuss things, and been present at ceremonies and other important events. I have spoken with many people and have put their viewpoints forward at meetings to ensure their voice is heard.

I have tenacity, diligence, stamina, drive, good morals, integrity, analytical and reasoning skills to continue to offer.

I am a careful listener, caring and empathetic, honest to a fault, and not afraid of hard or dirty work.

Thank you for visiting my website, please enjoy reading my poetry and other writings.



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