Too many problems in my life
Just can’t cope with the trouble and strife
Dissaffection is rife
I’ve sold my virgin wife

In Alchemical Time Loop!
Get out the tools, take off the wheel
Insert the tyre lever, have a good feel
Take off the tyre, pull the inner-tube out
Find the hole, then give a good shout
Sand-paper it down, have a good rub
Put on the glue, then wriggle about
Put the patch on, you’re nearly there
Put it all back together, ride away without a care!

In London, leaping over railings with a hole in my shoe
Country is free, Town is shit and heavy
Hassles multiply, and feed upon themselves
I’m left on the shelf, time passes me by

Inside a cage you pace
Inside the cage of rule.
But I ain’t no fool
I don’t want anarchy
That’s no way to be free –
So the pendulum swings
Between extremes
While this song I sing
You can be free in your dreams.


Copyright ©  Christopher J. Hudson 1994