Windows XP you were the greatest
Though of operating systems, not the latest
My friend through times both rough and smooth
Though Bill Gates’ strategy I did not approve
I used neither Windows ’95 or ‘98
Though your operating system always kept me up so late
Yet Vista with endemic driver incompatibilities
Aimed at an O.S. open to all user capabilities
Ah, but with the advent of all new Windows Seven
User satisfaction was transported straight to heaven!
Before that I bought an Apple Mac
To try and bring the freshness back
So I got one ten years old
But the screen was far from paved with gold
It’s little G3 chip could not keep up with innovation
Modern web design soon put a stop to exploration
Leopard, Tiger, Lion and all would surely satisfy?
But a brand new Apple I just did not have the cash to buy!
Soon Linux came along, much cheaper than you would think
But the time it took to set it up put my brain on the blink!
Open Source, install for free, noble ideal with such appeal
But when I asked my friends they all just shrugged and sighed “Get Real!!”
So there I was “up-cycling”, “tearing-down” and soon upgrading
Process-power getting cheaper; PCBs not bio degrading
I began to feel this wave of technology pass me by
I wasn’t getting younger; “You’re senile!” I hear you cry
I even went upon a course in search of inside information
But found myself subject to ridicule and defamation!
Versatile and logical through the years have been my watch-words
Through the many twists and turns of all my virtual worlds
My computers me gave me satisfaction throughout all the long years
For such a cheap price! I toast you with all with many great cheers!
So here’s to future of computing-
Wait a minute…
I ‘m just re-booting…




© Christopher J Hudson 2009