On my travels I met a man of wisdom
Who said, “Now you are healed,”
But my head was too full
Of a thousand stories untold
And destinies unfulfilled
Everyone pressed in on my head
Until there was no room in it for me
And I just couldn’t see
The light of day for brightness.
All the angels gathered around
To see me thus in glory crowned
I sat beneath a greenwood tree
And listened to the sea
As it rose and fell
I felt a mighty surge within
That some grace might come
And renew my grin
And as I sat I grew so calm
Enveloped in a hazy balm
Then I went down to the shore and bent
The will of my enrapt intent.
As I was bending on the shore
I filled the bags; yet still there’s’more!
On I worked into the dusk
Alone and dedicated to my task
Then a crate of wine it was unveiled
I had succeeded, not failed!
And if I pass that way again I’m sure
I will be welcomed in.


Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson 1994