Part One.

I tied a dead body to my steed
And dragged it through the dusty town
It was the corpse of American democracy

We think we’re sitting pretty on our nest of golden eggs
Fostering the international racist institution
Since King Arthur’s time the first great mind dictator
His lies persist throughout time
It is sung and it is spoken throughout the land
Of wild and wondrous tales from the gestalt mind
Imagine the best party you’ve ever been to
People of all races colours and creeds
Language of every tongue
Laughing, crying, expounding philosophies
All the faces your soul can remember
From out the eternal soul’s endurance
Free exchange of information and life stories
Higher wisdom and mystic nature’s explanation
From dawn till dusk, both merry and at play
All kinds of conversation, wit spear-sharp
Eulogies, mythologies, with reason’s exponents
Sorrow star-like in distance, no folly heard
No blunt or ugly word, but expostulation and adulation
Of the highest order.
For a warrior of our age, what greater pleasure is there
Than to test intelligence against intelligence
And find the highest synthesis by love profound revealed
No disingenuousness to overshadow, no ego-games of humiliation
A feast of knowledge where each lovely guest brings forth
Ever and ever more succulent dishes
Triviality and despair are long-forgotten memories.
The most eloquent and self-assured women
No requirement to assess and grade, no need for arbitration
For every race saw in the face the measure
Of antimonistic integration, neither trammelled
By lines of law, nor linguistic paradigm
But free to play the lifelong day grammatical invention
In the youth of time, where no one ages
We sat in groves and human voices interwove
With nature’s, and the creatures and plants
All rejoiced to hear man speak the truth at last
It was always spring or autumn, no harshness
To touch flesh unless it should be desired so
Gifts of every craft and country
Keenness of workmanship and intricate device
Practical design of higher consciousness, knowledge
Of every religion, speech of every sage ever walking
Not lightly purchased this vessel, but every noise
Of knowingness of every age, speech of interlocking concepts
Speech of noble ideas, ideals precisely balanced in measure
Effecting the ears, moments in time, glistening in the dawn
Half glimpsed, half remembered, surmised, induced and reduced,
Holographic rainbow of mind’s sun-shape
Treasured, prized and cultivated over the aeons
Carefully handed down from generation to generation
The baroque and the unknowable, of darkness
Of fearless egos, the loss, the cruelty of destruction
Wrought upon they that possess the hidden wisdom
Locked up for centuries, tied in bonds of time
Blinded, skewered, pinned to a block and analysed
Escapes and reversals of fortune, humour, satire, irony and bathos
Syllogism, plagiarism, metaphor and synecdoche
Dead heroes from a long lost age, Bran’s head
That spoke even after he was dead!
Music of nature, and man’s music
Trumpets, harps and guitars
Synths, effects and dub
My mates, Tim, Bill and John
Rachel, Helen and Emma
Biodynamic food, fruits, nuts and bread
No rumour of battle or fell stories of bloodshed
Can reach these realms
Vege stir-fry with 100 ingredients
Both men and women of prowess and strength
Their bodies are suggestive of power, elegance, swiftness
Agility, love-making ability and dexterity
They walk proudly, heads level
Chests breathing in the fresh, clean, scented air
Sometimes they walk for days on spiritual voyages
Just for the pleasure of experiencing
All the biodiversity and species life of all the galaxies
Men and women show no callous cruelty to each other
In even the youngest human being has respect and awe for nature
Nowhere are to be found the foul destroying machines
That once spread o’er the earth
Everywhere man with ingenuity and inspiration
Works with the earth as easily and as simply
As I write these lines; no today and no tomorrow
All time is held in a child’s breath
The sun like a tennis ball in a game of celestial tennis
For all men and women walk the earth
As once the gods walked the heavens,
In this, the New Age, are unleashed all the wonders
Of man’s love for his mother earth
And the true soul of co-operation
And natural harmonious growth
Complementary technologies, inventions that help mankind
Work, know and love nature
There is not the smallest spear of asparagus
That is not held in respect, awe and admiration
No meaningless exploration, but artisanship, artistry and improvisation
On all sides spontaneity of thought and fellowship
Like-minded individuality, god is neither slain
Nor imprisoned in reasonless machines
But the dynamics of synchronous organisation
For those who perceive with the inner third eye
Night follows light like a shady amoureux on the body of the sun
Every day an adventure, for the wisest and wondrous world-folk
Even the branches of the tree are at peace
The bountiful winds spread their healing touch
So that no blight spreads, all fruit are whole and hearty
Pure, naked children arise from the lakeside
Gleaming they know no shame
Their brows are clear, their minds are clean
Not sterile, but free from clutter
They know of no hope unfounded,
No sacredness despoiled, no honest toil unrewarded
Travellers from nation to nation
Are welcome, their speech is heard
In return their wisdoms are debated
All outcomes carefully conferred
No thought of bloodlust or conquest made
All that is given is given freely
Through no lapse of reason is love deferred
Gifts of breath, and water clear
Where sparkling fish leap and sing and sigh
Signs written in the sky, star voyaging nations!
Minstrels of the spiral arm, melody makers to the silver star!
Cosmic comet and meteorite, wise now in cosmic dance
Peer at the earth in their interludes!
Trance like in the games of gravity
Planetary motion, earth animation
Free exchange of emotion, to know unending destiny
Never closed to contingency
Revolutions of the seasons, man’s awareness
Flowing with the winds of time
Forever forwards, forever backwards
Green eyes, grey eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes
The revels and renown of the ever revolving mountains!
Under the armour there is wonder
And much provision of hope for the future
Fashionable times says your skin should be black
Black and burnished, glossy as a pubic hair
Do I affright my gentle reader? Do I speak coarsely?
Like some nude rough and ready radical
Overthrowing the old order, breaking catechisms
Over bared knees? It is only malarkey my intent
I wa**ed until my dick fell off, slept with eyes open
Bolted mother’s milk, face stuffed with TV melodrama
The seasons circle slowly, month follows month
In return and regeneration, yet prison is when
You are locked away from the earth
Moon-and-sun cycles, felt in higher consciousness
Locked off in cyber-space, dissimulation face-to-face
Red-cheeked from exertion, sun-burnt and snow-blind
Festooned by encircling shafts of rain
Tumbling from the sky piercing the mid-brain
Foliage in full-fluted ascent, shimmers and dances
As the soft sea waves
The ugly, the bold, the talented, the old
Good speech, good speech, floating on your idea-perch
Servant to no man, unravelling spoils of wisdom
Rules shamen drove gas guilt trip, pity they
Could name no names, and get rid of
This holy ‘armagideon’, talk of this town
Is making the saints frown; adjust your television
This is a pre-recorded signal, a repetitious overload
With already drawn and bloodied sword
Feast the dead, don’t screw them
They need some flesh, after all we’re only
Mortal humankind, old times coming alive
No soul sold and soiled in quark maelstrom
Synchron dance, shoot this sheep, don’t listen to their bleat!
Now watch the wild geese where they wander, so high
And don’t, lest you follow, wave political reality “Bye!”
Sitting the lonely vigil, words are weapons
Words are friends, you can reel them out
By the bucketful, barrowload and more
But don’t be waiting when the legbreakers
Come knocking at your door
You may sit upon a shires horse
And he may carry you away
Your mind may sing like the sun
In mirrors round of shining gold
You may walk amongst the demons, and blast
Their souls into oblivion
You may outshine the hottest sun with anger
Kiss the stars and stay on the earth
Your dreams may dream you angels, dragonflies and hummingbirds
But can your map show
You the holy weal, a drop of healing to a dying man
Is worth more than the riches of 1,000 words
And death welcomes a warm embrace
Shiftless feet are treading page of memory expanding
As the mind in withdrawal reaches its true purpose
The only death there ever was, never mourned,
Tossed like a coin, born upon a dragon’s back
Rattling and grey across the tracks
What joy with trumpets sounded, screaming
“Hello! Hello!” into the dead places
Gathered like lions beneath a desert sun
Who would listen to one such as I?
When many smiths of many ages have produced
Wrought such coinage, where no roof blocks the sky
And there are no fences, borders or police
I’ve heard it said they lived on slugs and roots
If this holy madness does not consume me
I may walk along these fair shores once more
No one seems to listen to a word I say
They all seem to have congenital deafness
Some from far shores half hear, and flap lugs
But most are deaf, and only frogs and toads hear
Newts, snails and bugs, what use is that?
They can’t play musical instruments or dance
Hanging from the highest trees, shouting abuse
At those on the ground, wounds to the body
Were nothing against their glibly imagined
Insults, causing war, bloodshed, terror and
Earthquakes, terror, then gone without a trace
Travelled the world by hammock
Or sitting in a canvas bag, used as a sail
Dripping with sweat from the heat
Unable to move, sickness or power
Then, kissed by a toad once more
Rained showers of piss on trekkers
Said their prayers and passed
Redemption and forgiveness to all wandering minstrels
Grieving for dead relatives, festival folk met
Blanched prancing druggery, potato destruction
In a hay barn jiggery pokery to get it running
Within high places walls shaking, sand trodden
With ease, the soap’s function to forget me
Not to rely on something you could die on!
Great excession to ramble, entumble
Foliage haters get to the living earth
Sores of hundreds in accompaniment!
Heroism without injury, challenges without fear
Ever changing! Dogged determinatedness
Ever evolving human spirit!
Rage, a currency, is only small change
No martyr to self sacrifice, to pollute
Portals of fame, no shame to justify inhibition
Power and autonomy is fairly distributed
According to both worthiness and requirements
Love justly and equally returned by every lover
The nerve and the courage to take what is freely given
Only love binds generation to generation
Boastful youth, smug old man, together
Climb the giving tree, every man and every woman
Admiration and respect, worth and value
No egos are worshipped, ethnicity and culture
Know no boundaries, no one is excluded
From this game of creation. As for myself,
I have no house, no home and no name
For if I tell you nothing, your journey will be shorter
Can you handle this poem, or does
It get in your hair? Do you like the feel
Or is it a pain in the neck?
If I were to dissect myself on a plate
Would this please you better?
Or expose myself showing all my muscles
Or levitate on a beach, now is fled
All my hideousness, can I then play
Cerebral basketball, or disappear in a cloud
Of flame? Would the wandering people question?
Has my malarkey made jealous maidens marvel?
Perhaps, now you ought to interrupt me
But alas I must put down my pen
Which has written on your mind
Excellent stanzas of bliss
Yet shall write more another time
So with image, reflection and shadow
I now must leave you, both servants and masters,
Unrighteous, dreaming and insouciant
And hope you have enjoyed the consumption
Of this Wordy Beast.

Part Two.

No fear is greater than a complete lack of fear
The axe of the ugly reaper meets the creator
As women’s institute members sharing their stories of light
And cerebrus chews on the crunchy bones of traffic cones
And the power of the vapid warrior is set in concrete
Spinning on twin windmills, bike people beholden to no man
So many dead that they grow up like blades of grass
Jets of flame speeding up to heaven
Women tore off the veils of false mask
No eyes could withstand or undergo transcendence
What cannot be gainsaid is a drifting pearl in an ocean of dewlap
Boy and girl scouts, pennants dancing in the breeze
Knickers and knockers hanging on the trees
That caught a glimpse of the pagan moon, trapped within
A glassy ray of sun peerless and zephyr spun
Burn logs of holly, oak and ash, leave hazel to the dogs
Shoulder through a crack, freeze in an Inuit
Broth without measure, geese come home and dwell
Once more upon halcyon waters!
I came headlong into cities, smashed my soul to mirror fragments
Against the implacability of female desire
I’ve touched women’s souls through my lovemaking
Brought them to ecstatic frenzy and unbounded bliss
On all sides; I’ve never been tied, nor given an inch
However much they nag me, but I also knew restrain
This was not at all easy, but I did it with my friends help.

Part Three

At parties I shone like a star, with my wit like a whirlwind
Winning all over to my side; at table my manners want
But I can eat more than a man twice my size!
And out-drink hardened drinkers
My love is like the sun, freely distributed
To all, great and lowly, but most of all
To those I call my friends.
I am a musician, individual, improviser
I like to drink, play and party all night long
And only take my leave when there is no more alcohol to consume
I like to light a fire once a day at least
In honour of the goddess Shiva whom I worship
I have a good sense of humour, in fact
The slightest jest makes me roar with laughter
I treat my guests as if they were royalty
And provide them with everything of worth and value
According them every honour and dignity
Even though it may leave me lacking, I grant them every wish
Stop me where I will, I always answer invitations
Assuming I can spare the time.
I know the miracles of science, there is no particle
Of information escapes me, especially concerning all
That grows, runs, walks, crawls, flies, swims or burrows
I would rather die than dishonour friends or family
No distance is too far, when those that wrong me
In word or deed try to hide, they find sooner or later
My vengeance upon them, now the floodgates open
And my wisdom pours forth upon them, listen,
All you wise men and women! That your actions should
Be cleansed and your consciousnesses elevated
To the highest sphere, for I do not give empty praise
Nor do I mock without reason for my name is Charity
I know both the good and the bad, and until my purpose
Is fulfilled I rest not, I barely take a breath
Until I have pursued my quarry, and like a pack of wolves
I hunt now on this side, now on the other
I am merciless in pursuit and swift to murder
My teeth and sharp, as are my claws
I can run all day without food or drink
I can climb the highest tree, rest, feast, then sleep for days
I am no respecter of tradition, except when it is the people
Who benefit. These days I rarely show my full glory
For fear of upsetting those less well off
I can ride like the wind over seas of flowers
I can eat, then fast for a week, and also perform
The most amazing feats of strength
I know the twenty names of god that the first hunters
Knew under the full moon; I can let all my fears go
Be pure and still like a child; I can slay the strongest man
With a word, they cry for mercy but their cries
Are not heard, in darkness they bleed unseen.
With my stereo I reign supreme, I am the best DJ
Of impeccable taste, I never laze nor tarry
I don’t jump when ordered to, for neither man nor woman
Knave or queen, I unmask traitors, reveal beauty
To the world I am courteous, generous, free-flowing
To those I know; I never pretend to like someone
Whom I don’t. I understand women and the way they think
I like strong music that doesn’t mess around
But gets straight to the point
And does not glorify violence or lust
I always do what my mother says
Because until I have a wife, she is all I have
When I find the woman I truly love
I shall never leave her, our souls shall be bound forever
As I have said, I am the best of lovers
A woman can find everything she needs in me
I can show her all the wonders of every nation of people on earth
And even other galaxies, although I sweat hard
I know I am free, I worship the female aspect in every word and action
And I know I am unworthy of a woman’s attention
But to be plain reality isn’t really like this
And when I talk like this I am only pulling your leg
To tell the truth, I am less than nothing
I am the smallest piece of fluff in the cosmic brassiere of the mother
For sure, it is only the great cosmic Earth Mother’s love
That keeps me alive, and every time I meet a pretty girl
I see the Universal Mother’s great face
I know I am not worthy of her love
And yet she gives me all the wondrous gifts
Of life, breath and thought, I don’t believe the liars
Who say she doesn’t exist, she is supreme
Over all their gods because she gave them life
And she let them carry on living for her dark amusement
It was the Lady who sent me all my hundreds of lovers
Because she knows I am her hero, and I serve her well
But when I am old and crooked I will remember her wise words
As the fish jump from the water and leave a small circle of ripples
So a human spends his brief span of time in this land
Then the time is all used up, we pass beyond again
Into the loving Mother’s arms and universal sea of souls
Then there is a brief silence, as slowly words form again
And just as a fire buried deep underground
Suddenly springs to life again, it is with man’s spirit
And this my own son has told me so I know it to be the truth
All the world’s prophets have said the same at one time or another
Just as when the mother kisses the baby when it is first born
So it is that after the great silence, words begin to form again.
What it was we didn’t know,
And our consciousness spoke out loud
We no longer obeyed any master
Nor mistress, and this only
Contributed to our distress
Then a pentangle, whirling
Through the air cut off our tongues, noses, eyes ears
Fingers and toes
I didn’t see who threw it
But it made our unknowingness deeper still
Although I know it was a woman
As I heard her shrill laughter
Then came a burst of light and pain
It was the light of ultimate pain
Come to cast us away again
Sliced in two, our two blind halves
One without a head, one without a heart
Were torn apart by 1,000 demons
Whose shrill cries tormented us
Until we saw the shining child
Who bade us cease lamenting
And up and follow him!
He led us to a glade where 1,000 women were sewing
With voices loud their words
Formed a shell around each sundered part
And all around stood rapt, as
Every miniscule and muckle element
Kissed every other one
And danced in the great cosmic dance
Then all the parts of one great soul-part
In accord with the great laws of the universe
Swarmed around like bees
Then a great wave passed through them
And a great cloud of energy was born
Each part had its own soul, or activator
And although it was still joined to the other parts
It was independent and autonomous
Yet linked by inner communication
(any other explanation would be like going to India to get to Torteval!)
For this is what the wise men have told me, who came from afar
When the world was still young and blooming
They wore an aura of light
And neither age nor sickness nor death could touch them
I sat around the fire with them
And they spoke words from eternity’s book of knowledge

“If I were a fox I’d ne’er be hunted
If I were hunted I’d ne’er be cut
If I were cut, I’d ne’er shed one drop of blood
If I left a drop of blood I’d ne’er be smelt out
If I were smelt out, I’d ne’er be caught
If I were caught I’d ne’er be be killed
If I were killed I’d ne’er cry out with pain
If I felt pain and cried, my spirit would dance into the light.”
© Christopher J. Hudson 2016