Lady Luck, she’s a whore
Learn to live and lick the wounds
Self-inflicted that you adore ~
Pick at the scab that heals
To deaden the pain which anneals
Kneel before the law you abhor
Love is foresworn, pre-warned
Born high upon th’encroaching storm
Spread butterfly-fragile wings
Sighs, to search, for a sign, for a cry
Cry out! Widdershins against the sun
Against the new dawn, don’t open up your eyes
You’ll die at the sight of all the lies
You gave birth to, forgetting yourself
Can this be the worst punishment
Yet it is a cure so sure
I may yet have to endure
Seismological collapse, fusion of synapse
Mind’s eclipse, soul’s elided elipse
A murmur, a lost and distant glimmer
Puddles ripple in a muddened glass
A distant shimmer across deserts dry and vast
A concataclysmic charisma
Crush, lies bopped pyramid, Crash!
Across the earth a wide gash
Mother’s spilt milk and spat across from grave’s edge
Insane the grey, reveals, opens, dances again
Succumbing to overt battle-craft
The awful author another bare-faced liar
Selling his wares, open warefare, blood tears and fire!

Weapons of vengeance, murder
Machines of catastrophe, mindlessly real,
Contusion of lesioned thought
Numbing waves of despair, broadcast telepathically
Seasonality sensually turning raw passion
Will immobilised, bogged down and in retreat
Hear the drum’s beat! Swallow your poison neat!
Distil the sweet nectar of oblivion!
Throw away, drop that bomb!
Destroy the evidence, drop LSD and detonate me
That meet you ate was your
Reason to abhore and hate
Now you have your plaister, to smother and whisper
To you all your ghosts meander and wonder
Amongst the monuments no teddy to cuddle and console
Sprawling in your weary bolt-hole
Counting-up all the spoil of your lusty toil
Man made good! Beat that bad blood!
Still wishing you had the oil
To lubricate the wheels that make the deals
To extract more from your soul
Never be weary, or pleasure stint
It’s party time, time to unwind
Time to pour a blessed libation
Thanks to the Magick that has led
To friends both near and far
Pass me a jar, and Cheers!
To you all a toast
And to the one I love the most.



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson  2006