This whole damn world’s just a pleasure machine
I’m just a cog and I’m feeling mean
I’m going to drop love bombs on the hating scene
Shout until they put me on a screen
Get down and be real obscene
So I went to the doctor for a pill
‘Why was that? Feeling ill?’
He got out his needle and he got out his drill
And said, “We’ll try a little trepanning!”
So I dropped a few tablets and said,
“I’m alright doc,” he dropped his wooden leg
He was in quite a shock
His wig fell off, and as he gave a nervous cough
His teeth fell out and clattered and chattered
As I turned to walk away I gave a scoff
And said,
“If it’s truth that really mattered
Then I’d like my fish lightly battered!”
Then walked off!!



© Copyright Christopher J Hudson (2007)