I have been trapped
By a slide of blinding images that have
tumbled o’er my head
And my spine has snapped
Cord broken, connection nullified
As I tried to grip the fragments of a broken

Time lies blind
Denied, unfulfilled
Like a hopeless lover breathes after
The chase has long gone by.

And if I could catch
On the wind one eddy of movement
In this frozen block I call my mind
I would untie all those moments
Let them flood into the air in a flurry
Like starlings leaving an old oak.

The chilling voices seem to say
“Don’t think about the past
Didn’t you know that when you were young
It would never last?”
That’s why you played so fast and loose
Did you know that you would lose?
And if you had your way again
What pathway would you choose?

You knew when you were young
And having such good fun
That the days that once flew by us
Are the those that later try us



© Copyright Christopher J. Hudson (1996)