I scatter my seeds
A handful at a time
Planting I build a temple
To nature’s glory


Today I felt such ecstasy
As I sat on the grass with you.
All was well
Our stories to tell
Time seemed to flow
As we sat
Together yet apart
And words wise and witty
Tumbled from the heart
There was time to rest.
And time to wonder way
And my burden seemed light
And I didn’t need to fight
To see the light
Of day.
As we sat in the beauteous sunlight
The plants all swayed in glory
You wove a necklace
I tapped a rythm
As plate knocked on delicate china cup

Labour Conservative
Conservative Labour
It’s like a game of tennis!
How I am bored
By the faces I abhor
That dangle on a string
From the television screen


© Copyright Christopher J Hudson (1997)