Shit Eating Green

Shit eating Green you’re going to go far
Ecologist on television you’re a movie star
Dope smoking jungle walking environmentalist
Governments and corporations on your hit-list

Shock! Horror! Man Bites Dog

‘Man bites dog!’ so the headline goes
Though how it ever ends no-one really seems to know
The dog was full of spite and the man was full of hate
The newspaper’s aim was this image to inflate


Went down to the water’s edge
Spoke with the sea
About all the things that were on my mind
Of governments and policy

The Behemoth of the Deeps

Temples of the briny, star-encrusted cave mouths
Realms of razorwire around the sacred sacrosanct abomination
Hallowed ground where now rosebay-willowherb and poppies


All hail thee, lovely laughing maid!
On this auspicious day thy match hath made!
The Lord shall Bless, and all shall see
And on this day, shall married be!

I Was A Rasta

I was a Rasta, a Taoist, Zen, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan Homeless, poor, yet wealthy and landed My forebears knew Christ, yet the horned god

Evidently, Donkey Town

The bloney traffic’s bloney slow
Everywhere you bloney go
The bloney Social’s bloney tight
The thugs in pubs all love to fight


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