Bashd Garguluns Meta

A selection of short and long poems

This website is a portfolio of Poetry Guernsey and drawings by Chris Hudson who is based in Guernsey

The Last Living Rose

God Bless..
Beautiful England
As the last living Rose
Quivers in your hand

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The Proseman’s Guide To Writing Poetry

All lines should rhyme
Because when reading it
This saves a lot of time!

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The Behemoth of the Deeps

Temples of the briny, star-encrusted cave mouths Realms of razorwire around the scacred sacrosanct abomination Halloween ground where now rosebay-willowherb and poppies

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I Was a Rasta

I was a Rasta, a Taoist, Zen, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan Homeless, poor, yet wealthy and landed My forebears knew Christ, yet the horned god

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Evidently Donkey Town

The bloney traffic’s bloney slow Everywhere you bloney go The bloney Social’s bloney tight The thugs in pubs all love to fight

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Went down to the water’s edge Spoke with the sea About all the things that were on my mind Of govenments and policy

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Wedding Poem

All hail thee, lovely laughing maid! On this auspicious day thy match hath made! The Lord shall Bless, and all shall see And on this day, shall married be!

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Shock! Horror! Man Bites Dog

‘Man bites dog!’ so the headline goes Though how it ever ends no-one really seems to know The dog was full of spite and the man was full of hate The newspaper’s aim was this image to inflate

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Trumpcat (to the tune of the 80's kid's cartoon topcat)

Trumpcat! The unstoppable Trumpcat! The bisymposable

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Shit eating green

Shit eating Green you’re going to go far Ecologist on television you’re a movie star Dope smoking jungle walking environmentalist Governments and corporations on your hit-list

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Kiss me quick

And don’t look back

Just walk away

Your money’s paid

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Only if you want

Now where?


Into the Valley of Death

If your teeth go rotten

I’d buy you a golden cap

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