They don’ t have to eat what
They don’t want to eat
They don’t have to meet whom
They don’t want to meet
It’s all ‘OKAY’ if they want
To stay up late
And if you disagree, it’s ’cause
You’re a paedophile mate!

They shouldn’t have homework
‘Cause homework’s a fag
If they go shopping they’d like
A brand new poly bag
Don’t have to clean their teeth cause
That’s just too uncool
If they don’t fancy it, don’t have
To go to school

Reading and writing is such a bore!
And as for Maths! They already know the score
Programmed in their minds by screens since birth
They know the price of everything
But not its worth.

Picked up by ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’
In a car
It’s all so convenient, never walk too far
Their only exercise is beating the crap
Out of some poor cat taking a nap

Ourageously talented and ϋber-cool
They know everything! They don’t need school!
Don’t look now but they’re teaching the teachers!
The long arm of the law- it barely reaches!
Outrageously talented and ϋber-cool
“Hey, you lookin’ at me man?”
What a fool

What is evidently clear is that by degrees
“Children” are consuming this planet to its knees
Destroying everything that’s ever been before
And laying the blame at our front door

Teachers should be teaching
For all they’re worth
“Never mind Heaven-
“We’ve only got one Earth!”