Cross the bridge- Budge!
Criss cross
Pipes, Cables, Girders, Bolts
Whilst up high
Birds wheel in the silky sky
Land treads softly at water’s heel
Ships cut water with metal keel
And We, so Free
Criss cross tarmac and steel- See!

“Up bends arches- the gradient increments in a slow unlikely fashion, we are born on its rattling back, across the water to the further shore. It’s weird this bridge there’s not a lot holding it up, look they race across it thundering steel and wheels turn crazily fast but a wafer, sandwiched metal across girders, on air is floating, its arching metal pipes, like rope threading the huge needle-stacks, harp-like array of cables that braces itself poised tenaciously against the sky; not the mist which holds it down.”


-An exerpt from the publication “Woolly Wanderings”

Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson   (1994)