Shit eating Green you’re going to go far
Ecologist on television you’re a movie star
Dope smoking jungle walking environmentalist
Governments and corporations on your hit-list

Your latest project is saving the world
An engendered species in your pocket curled
You rave about ferns and the rainforest
Your children all hate you, they’ve flown the family nest

You go around pontificate and you sermonise
But what you’re really saying is all a pack of lies
Wealthy sponsors with their eco-conscience
But nothing that you say even makes the slightest sense

Blame consumerism for the destruction of the planet
If there’s a new product you’re the first to say “Let’s ban it!”
Blaming all the people for driving in their cars
Then you take a jet-plane and fly away so far

You hypocrite! You’re fake, how dare you breath my air
Dope peddling terrorist with your filthy long hair
Animals like you should be locked up in a zoo
Not one so-called “fact” you state is even really true

You leach, you suck the energy from everyone around you
The centre of attention with your posse and camera crew
Pontificate and moralise your demon’s out the bag
The women who adore you are all a bunch of slags

You criticise the people for trying to make a living
Then ask them for donations- get lost, I am not giving
You a penny more, I see right through your false charade
You want to see a hero? See a soldier on parade.

You’re not my hero, I see through all your lies
Everyone that helps you, you secretly despise
Go back to your jungle and your ferns and your swamp
On your organic vegetables forever may you chomp!



© Christopher J Hudson (2013)