Remember how it was

Seated like that

Time a seamswidth hair’s breadth breathing

In a hollow cracked egg

Despair a crushing feeling that all your limbs had infinite weight

Yet were all composed of threads of pure light

That feeling of overpowering crushing weight

Yet the electric tension I could break

Still a finger’s width across the

Frisson spasmodic clutching gap of

A breath-squeeze down inside, tension

Spring-like, remember still how you accepted

Winter’s worn lineaments, arrayed each moment

In time’s grasp, irreproachable, untouched

Virgin held in voiceless, senseless void

Accepted the elements as they presented themselves

Now at the turnstile a faerie sits

Arrayed, bedecked, queen of all living things

Now the moment swings around again

Stillness becomes a shimmering illusion

A brightening, illuminated haze that

Stares out of the water’s deep

At its own reflection poised on the brink

Of the water’s edge.

(C) 2009 Chris Hudson