These are people with time to waste
They just sit and stare into space
Their reserves of energy are all spent
And Good Sense? They just don’t know where it went.

Cars and concrete
Cars and concrete
When I’m tying my ends
You know they don’t meet

We’ve swung too far the other way
Our consciousness and sensibility
Are coming back to haunt us
The feminine aspect of our collective minds
Has grown too large

Now all our positive inventiveness
Has turned upon us
And is wiping-out all the goodness
In what we’ve done

The One I adore
A distant mirage
As I crawl over the dunes, parched

Thy blessing rain down upon me!
This seedling carefully nurtured
Spreads its young leaves above the ground for the first time

There’s houses for the rich, and nothing for the poor
They’re snapping up the land, and shutting all the doors
It really makes me wonder about how the system’s run
Now I hate to moan, but it seems a bit unfair
When you’ve got no home, no freedom, no life, no fun



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson (2004)