I have seen pleasures great
Sorrow more distant than a star
When I cared not what was to be my fate
And listened to dreams told from afar
Stories were told of days so bold
Of knights in shining armour
But governments and a twisted state
Has bought me to this clamour
I wash in waves of oblivion
Where once I sang immortality’s song.
Free and wild and young
Now a myopic mantra grips my soul
As I teeter around the edge of the hole
A hole in the world, not wholistic but gappy
I shovel every day, struggle to be happy
Whilst on my lips there grows a poppy
My pop is made, he is going happy
Whilst I grow nearer, nearer to my true soul
Party shape-up, shake-down, just imagine
Your toes are dipped in warm ink
You spread them across the paper
Patterns appear; butterflies and dragons
Saigon is your apotheosis, oh Youth of Culture
You drank the nectar of the gods
Now don’t complain
If crazy thoughts have torn your brain
And cast the tiny pieces into a pool
Where you sit and stare at their
Glinting reflections
The path of reconciliation through thought is a long one
Tough and arduous the cliffs to the plateaus you must meet
But the Happy Valley was not for you
You were not one of their kind
And love, for you, has always been a bind
Metamorphosis of the soul!
How I enjoy the thought now
Of growing old
Seemingly shadows lengthen
As death tightens it’s grasp
And the impartation of wisdom
Has become a deadly task
But I see further
Beyond doom and decay
There rises a new sun
Which lights the realms of day



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson 2000