Here resideth love
He sitteth on a golden
Around his head
angels play
A groovy saxophone
He has been here for ages
Waiting for you
To see him as he really is
Above the sky so blue
Clouds about his forehead
Features proud and true
Threads of sunrise
Play about his head
While tides of sweet oblivion
Wash about his feet
His hands are harps of ecstasy
Each one ecstatic melodies plays
Upon his lap, the globe, a plaything
Illustrious toy; and abandoned
All the tools of cruelty we use.
Roundabout the unicorn plays
And trumpets sound as he moves and says
“I am love; who are you?”

Packaged Love

This love you sent me is really fab
It’s not in fashion but it’s not drab
When it’s with me I don’t drag my heels
And I really do believe it heals
When I awake each day it’s always here
It doesn’t wash out when I rinse my hair
But stays put, there, inside my brain
Each and every day it’s the same



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson 1999