Lasciviously horrible
Your prattle gushes from my TV and radio constantly
Your beady little eyes seem to survey all
And peck at us mere mortal ‘worms’ like a giant chicken
Like a worm-hole in reality, a Trojan, a computer worm-virus
You impose your reality on those around you
Was television made for you?
You dominate my screen
Not quietly spoken like Mr.Brown
Who, incidentally, pronounced equal quantities
Of nonsense
But maniacally sincere
With a smart answer and a smart question for
Every situation.
There’s a Tory on every street corner
Prophesying doom, and the martyrdom
Of the working classes
Sacrificed in the great Tory crusade
For decency and ultra-blue
Ultra blue for me and for you
Disinformation, pathos and bathos
We were led to expect so much from this election
And we ended up with you.
You and your party of worn-out cronies
Dishing out the dirt on a nation
Recycling all the worn-out Tory cliches
Ensuring nothing will change
And we’ll all be trapped in your vicious web of lies and deceit.
For a while I actually believed it
I caught myself thinking,
“Now everything will be alright!”
Then I was dropped from a great height
I had to unfold my spider-like mountain-legs
To perch on the shoulders of salamanders
Like our more down beat guys standing on the street corners
Well I’m not one for your vision revision
I don’t want to make the country work again
I’m not out for your whiter than white, purer and pure
Deathwish work-me-to-death social slavery
You put my head in a prison camp with your words
You starve my mind of inspiration with your decrees
What you have to say goes against my grain
You rub me up the wrong way
With your homophobic racist cant
Although you have done one thing right
You have inspired me to write this poem/rant!