We meet in the middle of this, our battle-ground
This war fought through the ages now bears a distant sound
How were we to know the words, to seed the destiny of mankind’s fate
And now, dead centre, zeroed-in, how do we repair, make haste, begin?

Now rage of combat has shed every drop of blood,
And all sense has fled, from this, our gigantic brain
For this ground we tread is alive with hope and shame
Fear and pain, where electronic relays once clicked

Now the silence of lazer beams, all arrayed, wasted, spent
And plenty more of these weapons, no more gentry
This ‘civilisation’ has bent the enraptured will of our intent
To solve all battle problems by computer

Growing, building, planning; we made you-

Now all that is left to ease mother nature’s pain
Is the torn and ragged fragments of this, our crystalline brain

© Christopher J. Hudson 2013