All hail thee, lovely laughing maid!
On this auspicious day thy match hath made!
The Lord shall Bless, and all shall see
And on this day, shall married be!

Let Nature pour forth her bounteous wealth
And give thee long life, strength, happiness and health
May your days be long and with magic strewn
Special moments like stars scattered o’er the moon

May you be loved, cherished and guarded close
By He, the one who loves you the most
Every joy and pleasure be His and Thine
And the years mellow together like vintage wine

May your home be warm, and filled with joy and light
Cure every pain and sorrow, and shut out the night
May your days be wonderous, peaceful, calm, and chilled
Friends and family gathered, every wish and dream fulfilled!

And in this sacred union, bring care and love and trust
Let it not be rent asunder, as people sometimes must
Let truth and trust and honour, ward your every word
Spread forth the radiant wonder, and let wisdom be heard!



© Christopher J Hudson 2016