I am a serious poet, and also a serious headcase
Some days now I seldom show it, but once I was hit with mace!
Yes I want it, yes I need it, I bleed regret but can’t feed it
I hardly know it but I’ve put a spanner in the works of Man
I never needed to know of the substance of the master plan

I’m such a hard worker, you know, even though my life is finished
Before it even had begun, the red stamp on the reject chip
Opposing slings and arrows; How could I be once so diminished?
Fortune’s outrageous consequence I only see companionship

A rumour’s maid inopportune? Hopes and dreams of every nation?
Here, set clear, and set in motion, we, set free, born our foundation
With cheery glow in every soul, demonstrating our devotion

Then that became my beauteous fairy creature- Let me kiss your hands,
I kiss your forehead, clasp you to me, come my love, forget the rest,
Completely naked… I squeeze you to my breast, traffic gyrates

Slowly to and fro, go, jam on the brakes, obstruct the traffic flow
All over Town, drive around real slow! It’s the same wherever you go.

The emaciated yoga practitioner opened the door:
“I ain’t gonna go on the astral plain no more,”

©  Christopher J. Hudson 2013