Just be, live, carry on, receive and give.
Is madness a reason for not knowing?
When confusion recedes like the tide
Clinging to patterns of behaviour outworn
Writing words in the shifting sands of illusion
A piece of paper signed; a life designed
Designated defunct, side by side with
The official, sponsored madness we call government
Feeble minded rulers whose lifestyle stinks
Never ending staircase of bureaucratic ink
Winks and nods, favours, bet on the odds
Never thinking, just follow orders, procedures
You ‘ordure’ to impress the boss, he couldn’t give a toss
For you or your reports, the can͛ts and oughts.
We seem to have a communication problem, the system and
I try to reason but you just throw it back in my face
Or is it the dust from the last rebel you ate?
Non conformism isn’t just a game,
I’m clinging to my reasons, whilst you just moan and complain
That I can’t follow orders; well I don’t command nor obey
Try to prise my fingers from my grip on reality
What’s the future for this society, when abusers like you
Are ripping apart democracy?

Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson (1993)