She unveils herself to smile down upon me from above, pale white blanched skin;
Your beautiful eye hangs in the night sky
Behind your lover the sun has had his play
And is done. Now we must leave his realm, and return to the folly of men, to shine on all night long
In vain remembrance, watch as the dance unfolds, as merry as it is old, heads knock on tables
Bright faces. Watching laughter fall down in splashing silver drops, catch one and save it for a remedy against pain.
I went in, I went out
But I left my real self in a jar by the door
Well I’ve said this before,
And if you ask my opinion
Well you’ll just have to win one
Because my arguments haven’t won one
They’re all down on paper.
So, I’ll send you a report
So that you can retort
And bully with rhetoric in an unanswerable style
While all the while all you wanted to do was meet me
And I wanted to meet you .
But the words were all too unkind
They unscrewed hinges in my mind
To bring doors crashing down
Scream without sound
Lost in a maze
Without chance of escape
Wander in a daze watch
While I change my shape
Don’t be astounded
Don’t freak when you think you’ve found it
It wasn’t what you wanted anyway
I only had scraps from a secondhand store
I only had what I got from the skip next door
All the new things had been long thrown away
They didn’t really interest me anyway
For it is as I have said
It was sad from the start
That I couldn’t seem to keep things
From falling apart
Reforming them constantly made you quite dizzy
Spinning around and around
Sound falls upon sound
In a mystic reality
Pears and apple trees stand over me
Fruit so sweet
I wept while you danced
I mocked tears as they flew
The closer I came
The further I drew away from you
My heart was scratched in bark
It bled silver tears through the mask of the years
The Land of Heart is near yet so far
One glance one gaze can carry you there
Then you will be without worry or care
Spoil or soil

(c) Copyright Christopher Julian Hudson (1993)