The fucking traffic’s fucking slow
Everywhere you fucking go
The fucking Social’s fucking tight
The thugs in pubs all love to fight

The fucking Government is run
By fucking crooks who read the Sun
The fucking kids drop fucking trash
Everywhere they spend their cash

The fucking banks are fucking broke
The fucking sponsor’s had a stroke
It make the Gov’nor fucking frown
Evidently Donkey Town!

The fucking Kev’s drive fancy cars
In your face stub out cigars
The fucking poor are fucking thieves
It fucking beggars fucking belief

The fucking Queen’s our fucking Crown
It fucking gets you fucking down
The fucking priests are fucking gay
It fucking rains day after day

The red tape’s fucking cracking down
All over fucking Donkey Town!

There’s fucking nothing to fucking do
My fucking mobile’s screaming blue
Everything’s fucking “Status Quo”
The internet is fucking slow

The local stars are fucking creeps
The hymns they sing are fucking cheap
The local cop’s a fucking clown
This is fucking Donkey Town!

The politicians fucking whine
They haven’t got the fucking time
The fucking Doctor’s making out
He’s fucking dubbed-up some poor lout

There’s fucking alkies on the street
They’re fucking spitting at your feet
The fucking tip is fucking full
The fucking youth are on the pull

The fucking right to fucking choose?!
Which way you turn you fucking lose
The Teach can’t tell a verb from noun



Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson (2011)