The Teacher spoke in hazardous climes
Insured against healthy and safe times
No camping in monkey vine-rope grids
First the trees must all be rid.
The leaves were stained
Passing plagues into the rain
Grains appeared under microscope
Managers groped secretaries and took a poke
Who ran away writhing in security nets
Shat themselves in their own nests
Rot the Town and Country Planners! they said
Towpaths parried laughs
Blow-drip dried countryside
Dignity under fathoms of bowels
Cutlered-up office brisk subside
Tranq-troops barmy in nukes
Phone-trunk bellowed in soup
Sterilised hunkies on postage-stamp bunk
Chemical convention defrocking fallaciousness
Crumble-pudding regurgit C.I.A.
Run for your life! Run for cover!
Scratch craniums womaniser immune to the poke
Ajax crowned in watery Isle
Booming bloom crooner! Expectorant aphid!

Copyright © Christopher J. Hudson 2000