Le soleil brille

Le soleil brille, la mere est calme et plat, c’est un jour claire et brillant Dans le ciel des nuages flottaient comme des cheveaux en courant.
Les bateaux de peche ascende et descende gentillement
Des cries entendus des oiseax, les fleurs qui fleurissent,
Les ballades, insensibles des insectes chantaient
Et moi, humaine, inondee par des pensees.

Charity do

See the rich nobs at the charity ‘do’
They only go ‘cos they want to be cool
Paying all that money for a charity affair
Only poor people know how to share

When We First Heard the News

When We First Heard the News

We heard it on the Beeb, it was no freebie
This news so sad, that the mother of our monarch
Was deceased. She went in her sleep, for,
She’d had a good life.


Witch me a herb, which herb is which?
Whether grown in a greenhouse, or in a ditch
Toxins that repel, ward off, or give grace
These herbs are all banes, where they leave a trace


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