The piper played all day long
Many kinds of youth
They are all there, they are all playing
The old folk listened
To the peculiar noise without approval.

The sick and the incapacitated
All joined in
Men and women of all nationalities and beliefs
With “Ee! Ee!” and “Oh! Oh!”
The old housewives
With melodious and lyrical speech

From the hills to the valleys
The islands and the capes
The waking and the sleeping
There was a place for everyone

With rich wine and rich food
Arianrhod and Krishna
From morning to evening, everyone was together

Then the hordes dispersed and the sky grew dark
And the forces of destruction were released.

As the children set out on their sacred journey
The fields and hills spread out before them
All the animals and birds were listening
To the sound of their footfalls.

(Composed By Talliesin.)

© Christopher J. Hudson 2014