She sits
Like a cat
Blue eyed and
Perfectly relaxed.
A smile contorts her face
Shapely, fair, straight speaking
Natural grace and elan, at home in its place
Please tell me, is there something you want to know?
If you love me then tell me so.
Then intention can spring out from the heart
Or, if it is only lust, then we must stay apart.
Are you seeking the paragon of perfection
When you look in my direction?
Voices purr and hum in rhythmic time
Lighten your mind, let it chime

You ask me in that playful tone
If I would put you on a throne
For one of your touches
You know I’d pay the price
Launch the thousand ships
At the roll of your dice

I give you words as fine and delicate
As a patina of crushed shells upon a shingle-shore
And hearts that beat together like the pounding of sea waves.
You get me excited
You make my back slip-shiver
You make my senses quiver
I’m not faking, thundercloud
Let me take your lightning strike
Deafen with peals of thunder loud!