In Social Insecurity
They read out your name like a curse
Like they’re announcing the plague, a disease,
I think my life just got worse!
So judgement day is finally come
Xmas and Easter all rolled into one
We’ve done our worst
The words we versed
Were hashed and rehearsed
Interpreted in reverse
Those who sinned go down
To Hell, those who did not have fun
Yes, it’s the day of reckoning
And no-one understands
To keep us fed, to keep us well
The toil of those in foreign lands.
They say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,”
Well someone should have told God
That sinning is not a capital offence
“Spoil the child and spare the rod,”
Our antics have all been broadcast
On prime-time TV for all to see
We’ve reached the stage in our degeneration
When we know we can’t be free
Our problem has been analysed
Down to the last iota
We should have long since laid down to die
And, like any good self-respecting citizen
Fulfilled our quota.