Witch me a herb, which herb is which?
Whether grown in a greenhouse, or in a ditch
Toxins that repel, ward off, or give grace
These herbs are all banes, where they leave a trace

Dogbane, known as Indian Hemp
Grows in many different places
Fibrous cord and herbal tea
To the heart it gives the races

Other forms, well known, of hemp
Their user’s minds t’entrap attempt
Best left well alone I know
Or to a shrink you then must go!

Fleabane, more seldom found, does insects repel;
Henbane, from Eurasia, sends senses all to hell
Witches use’t, to make them fly
Giv’n to animals, it makes them die

Witchbane, sometimes known as Rue
In southeast Europe, there it grew
For upset stomachs with bitter taste
In pregnancy to babes lays waste

Wolfsbane also known as Monkshood
Poisoned tips of arrows made good
Skin penetrating alkaloid
Wolves and werewolves to avoid

To get rid of fleas use fumigation
Witch posers suffer ridicule
Wolves not found within this nation
Believe in werewolves- you’re a fool!